Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quote to think about

"Papa", said Sara, "you see, if I went out and bought a new doll every few days I should have more than I could be fond of. Dolls ought to be intimate friends."

                                                  -A Little Princess, Frances Hodgson Burnett

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

   Super Easy (and cheap!) Tutu Tutorial!

     Tutu's are a great easy and cheap way to fill out a dolls wardrobe. Tulle is available in any color under the sun- and amazingly cheap. 

You can get enough tulle to make a tutu for a bjd for about .37! 

Emily (Littlefee Bisou) and I are going to show you how to do it! 

Materials needed: 

Flat, narrow elastic

tulle in the color of your choice
needle and thread
measuring tape (I couldn't find mine, so I just used my cutting mat)

Hot glue gun
Rotary cutter
cutting board

Step one

Measure your doll from waist to knee. This will be the length of your tutu, you can measure shorter or longer depending on what you want.  
Measure the width of her waist. 

Write those down and set them aside, you will need them in a minute. 

Step two- 

Cut your elastic to the size of the waist, and stitch closed. This is the waist band. 

Step three-

Begin cutting your tulle. You'll need double the length here. If your tutu is going to be three inches long, you will need to cut six inches of tulle. I like to cut my strips about an inch-inch and a half wide. It doesn't matter if they're perfect or not. 

Cut about 30-40 strips of each color if you're doing multi color, or about 100-150 if you're doing a solid color. 

Step Four- 

Using a slip knot, start attaching your tulle to the waist band. Pull it tight and neat against the elastic. 

To make a slip knot, fold your tulle in half. Put the loop behind the elastic, pulling the ends up and over the elastic, and pull tight. It should make a nice, neat loop against the elastic. 

Continue adding on to your tutu until your waistband is completely full of color, and no white is showing. 

It should look like this! 

Optional tip: I find tutus like these slip out of place on  our resin kids. To alleviate that, make a thin line of hot glue on the inside of the waistband. It also helps to "texturize" the glue a bit, by pressing a bit of scrap tulle over the glue line. 

The finished project!